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Flits covers all from sales, fleet tracking, maintenance, customer portal, to accounting.

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All-in-one fleet software

How Simple?


Office Admin creates sales order.

Office Admin logs in to to create sales order as soon as orders are received from Customer.


Driver receives order from Office Admin in real time.

Office Admin assigns the sales order to a Driver, in real time, send to the Driver's Flits app. Driver then can pick up the goods.


Driver uploads delivery order and proof of receipt.

Driver can upload customer's delivery order and proof of receipt to Flits app as soon as they pickup and drop off the goods, that can be reviewed by Office Admin instantly.


Office Admin creates invoice.

Instant digital files of delivery order and proof of receipt can reduce waiting period and human errors. Office Admin now can create the invoice while waiting for the physical copy, to be sent out right away to the Customer.

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